I am Troy Headrick (he/him) and I serve the Chittenden 15 district within the Vermont House of Representatives.

livable wages
I believe our workforce, our community, and our local economy are strengthened when we pay all workers a livable wage.
strong unions
I am a proud member of the recently formed UVM Staff United and believe that union membership strengthens our collective pride in our institutions.
I believe in the value of teaching our children with an honest reckoning for the systemic racism and white supremacy upon which this nation was built. I believe our educators are the experts in how our children learn best and that we have an obligation to protect our teachers as they engage with that expertise.
abortion is healthcare
I believe that abortion is healthcare and that a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her body are fundamental and undeniable.
indigenous rights
I believe that we reside on colonized land and that we have an obligation to repair the resulting harm that continues for the original inhabitants.